Loving Boys

5 Jun

LOVING BOYS, is currently on view at The Shala Yoga House, 815 Broadway in NYC.  http://theshala.com/happenings/on-the-walls/shala gallery


young archers

27 May













Boys in the wild

28 May







In Color

3 Apr

Black and white can show what something is.  Color adds how it is, imbued with the temperatures and humidities of experience. ~Peter Schjeldahl

Color boasts of the moment in all of its sensory detail. Without it, I’d miss the feel of winter – muddied leaves, the taut sweep of feather reeds, cold blue sky – not to mention Harlan’s sartorial flair.  I’d miss Theo’s chapped red lips and soft cobalt blue sweater, sunlight warming the tangle of brush and Jan’s windswept curls – the languor felt and seen.

Black and white distills and clarifies. Details fall away in limited tonal arrangements that suggest the sweep of time…. Theo in his daddy’s arms. Over time, I’ll just remember that.







snow stories

24 Feb







tender hearts

14 Feb

How do we raise emotionally literate boys?  Maybe it begins with affirming a boy’s need for love and intimacy.  And takes hold over time, and eventually is passed down from father to son.


flash wedding

19 Nov
Using the flash made me realise how subjective photography is. If you know what to do, the photographer has in his grasp the ability to change the way things look. It heightens a sort of surreal nature of everyday things very effectively. It changes real life and that really helps me to create fiction. All photography is a form of fiction, it is one creative fiction out of reality. The notion of telling the truth through photography is long gone. – Martin Parr
Photography is often seen as a means of telling a truthful – if not idyllic – story,  particularly at weddings, capturing the mood, the light, the love in the air…  But the heightened emotions and performative aspects of the ceremony, not to mention the costume, set design, and mood-altering substances, can make for a very surreal affair.  My sister’s Mendocino wedding was not like that, nothing over the top about it. We sat on flannel-covered haystacks surrounded by Redwoods under an open sky.   The vows were written on the fly, hilarious and real, striking an emotional balance, of two people who aren’t being brought together so much as choosing to stay.   Of course, there was some gushing of emotion (my speech) and alcohol (notably, a delicious IPA)  but the live bluegrass band and ambient string of lights in the open tent created a decidedly relaxed vibe. The professional wedding photographer told the story beautifully.  So what could I do but cast a more surreal light, using my flash and wide angle lens?  I could have used the fill flash for more flattering portraits and the wide angle to capture the scene.  But my intent was slightly more sinister, to amplify and distort, respectfully, to bring a little creative fiction to an otherwise truthfully glorious day.